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Oregon Wine Experience

Event Materials


"Becky makes the design process a pleasant experience from beginning to end. She has a unique combination of skills in that she's a talented designer, plus is a great project manager, and assists with helping to meet deadlines on time and get the job done.

Becky is a wildly talented designer that has endless creative ideas in her head. Plus she has the knowledge and know-how to guide her clients to achieve the desired end result whether it's a logo design, branding and image, or creation of large scale banners and signs.

Becky's commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the level of service she provides. She goes above and beyond to help provide her clients with the end result they are looking for. She is the most talented designer I have ever worked with in that I can give her a vague concept of what I am looking for and she will work her magic and will create something that exceeds my expectations every time.

Becky does not disappoint."


-Kimberly Hicks
RSVP Event Group

Dekalb Agency 

Logo Design

"Becky designed a logo from scratch for the DeKalb Agency. The process was fun to go through and the result was exactly what I and everyone in the office hoped for. I've seen Becky in action for many years and many projects. She is consistently passionate, client-focused, creative and she won't stop until her clients get exactly what they're looking for. She's amazing! "

-Jay Dekalb
  Dekalb Agency

Asante Foundation 

Program Brochures


"I have been very impressed by the excellent service that Becky has provided to date.

She seems to read my mind when I give her a description of what I want. The quality of the design and finished pieces is highly impressive. I would recommend her for all of your

design needs."

-Debbie Daggett
  Asante Foundation

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